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... consulting services linking spatial data, science, policy, practice and people in pursuit of better understanding of ecosystems and a sustainable world....
Strategic architecture
competing for the future!- an effective approach of "getting to the Future First" and visualize the road map to combine core competencies and partners to succeed
Arctic Spatial Data Infra- structure Road map
developed during round table discussions at the First International Circumpolar Conference on Geospatial Sciences and Applications

Geo-Standards Road Map
Facilitating and mapping a workshop of national experts.....
Issue-driven Integrated Landscape Management and Innovation in Canada

Contribution to the Policy Research Initiative - at that time part of Canada's Privy Council Office projects to explore the future- published in Horizon's Special Issue on Sustainable Places

Maps that revolutionized how Canadians profited from the land.....

Finding World's longest beaver dam
While monitoring the melting of permafrost in wetlands of Canada's Boreal Ecoregion, we discovered impressive beaver habitat!

Permafrost melting like glaciers

Over a 60 year period these permafrost landslides regress like glaciers!

Fascinating Peat Plateaus
The sensitive most southern fringe of permafrost - where you would not expect it!
Tierra del Fuego: Monitoring Beaver Invasion since 1946

Canada Land Inventory
Changed the way Canada managed its natural resources and developed the World's first Geographic Information System- the CGIS
Ecosystem Art

Where science and technology translate ecosystem dynamics in contemporary, post modern art..


Ecoclimatic Regions of Canada
shows climate - ecosystem relationships and provides the baseline to visualize and project climate change...
18000 Years Evolution of Biomes
- learning from the past to understand the future....

Alberta Beaver Landscapes
where beavers manage stream flows, waterways...

Yukon Permafrost slides
an integral part of northern landscapes, ecosystems.....

Monitoring Permafrost Melting
90 years history of collapsing peat plateaus and palsas North of Lake Winnipeg...

Peat land - Climate Change
Sensitivity of Canada's Peat lands to Climate Warming....

Wildland fires
Wildland fires are an important and integral part of Canada's boreal and sub-arctic ecosystems....